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Meet Gina, Expert Manual Therapist.

A pioneer in the world of manual therapy with knowledge that goes far beyond the four walls that house your primary care physician, Gina Tacconi-Moore spends her time answering mystery pain with the motto: “It’s not magic—it’s mobility.” 


Gina came to the world of manual therapy as a result of her own injuries. After starting CrossFit in 2010 and repeatedly modifying movements to work around her years-long struggle with shin splints, she enlisted the help of a wonderful manual therapist. Within just a few weeks, she was running without pain for the first time in years. Recognizing the power of this modality, Gina enrolled at The Massage School in Acton, MA, earning her License in Massage Therapy while serving as head coach at the gym she founded, CrossFit Lowell. Not long after, in 2016, she returned to The Massage School’s new location in Boston where she would teach Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, and Sports Medicine for two years.

In 2018, Gina joined the ranks of the Fascial Net Plastination Project, an international group of elite dissectors with Fascia Research Society in partnership with the Plastinarium (Guben, Germany). Together, the group produced the world’s first fully plastinated model of the human fascial system, FR:EIA, currently on permanent display in Berlin, Germany. Gina’s unique approach to pain management and relief is rooted not only in her copious manual therapy certifications, but also in this extraordinary dissection work. In the same year, Gina was recruited by the Adaptive Training Foundation in Carrollton, TX as a trainer, manual therapist, and eventually as Chief Strategy Officer. She describes her work there with individuals who survived catastrophic injury or illness as “an opportunity to work in the miracle factory”, because of the extraordinary results that the athletes were able to achieve through physical training on a daily basis.


Gina currently owns and operates The Treatment Room Mobile, based in Dallas, Texas. 

“My new book is coming out soon and I’m excited for your feedback.”

AGAINST GRAVITY is Gina’s new book coming out 2023 which maps out exactly why people live with pain longer than they should, undergo unnecessary  surgeries, and live with restricted mobility when they don’t have to. From recovering from injury to resolving issues with incontinence, constipation, sexual dysfunction, mystery pain to breathing issues, AGAINST GRAVITY research, case studies, and protocols that put the power of healing in your hands.

Get notified when AGAINST GRAVITY is available for purchase and for live events where you can meet Gina personally.

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You do not have to endure pain. It’s that simple.



It is difficult to describe Gina and her gifts in a few sentences. What I love about Gina, though, is her desire to heal and to free people from pain. She will not give up and is willing to explore creative and alternative avenues for the most optimal outcome. I believe God has gifted her with incredible intuition and abilities.


Gina is amazing! She did lymphatic drainage massage after my tummy tuck. My plastic surgeon looked at the before and after pictures and told me that I had found the best in the business! I already knew that, but was great to hear his excitement!


Gina is a natural-born healer. She is my first call when I have any pain in my body. She has the ability to unwind tissues and restore my physical body back to a balanced state. She is the anatomy queen, and her compassionate and caring nature shines through in each treatment.


Gina is a genuinely excellent manual therapist and friend! She is there for your physical body and supports your mental health, which I found to really help me and I don’t see that too often. I appreciate her help in every aspect of my life, she’s the kind that you can trust!


First of all, let me start by saying THANK YOU Gina!!  There's not a single pain or injury I wouldn't trust you with! As a former long-distance runner, my 1st time seeing by Gina was back in 2015 when I had horrible cramp in my left calf. After being treated by Gina and listening to her advice, I was able to complete the Tomoka Half Marathon three days later at an amazing 8min/mi pace. Then later, I had an IT band injury. I had extensively trained for this race, I knew the right person to call to treat me: Gina! She worked very hard on my iliotibial band area. My legs felt great!  Two weeks later, I ran the Prince William Half Marathon at a 7:30min/mi pace.


I was experiencing such intense hip pain that I was unable to run and even had difficulty walking. After consistent treatments with Gina over about two months, not only can I walk pain-free, but I was able to hike for hours a day on a recent vacation and am back to running and sprinting! Her work is nothing short of a miracle.


I have had a relationship with Gina now for over 3 years and she has had a material impact on the health and wellness of my entire family.  Initially, she properly diagnosed and treated a significant hamstring injury for my son, who is a Division 1 athlete and has subsequently worked on him, myself, my wife and daughter on a weekly basis ever since.  Her depth of knowledge of the human body and its interactions is unsurpassed.


Gina takes people’s physical and mental fears around what is complicated and misdiagnosed to provide hope for the hopeless. Her ability to untangle the medical jargon, provide practical ‘hands-on’ relief, and clear explanations of what was happening to me was the springboard to curing what doctors told me was incurable without medicine and pain killers. So, if you’re looking for that kind of hope, look no further!


Gina is the BEST and we would highly recommend her. My daughter went through a scary health situation last year and was hospitalized. We saw at least 10 doctors. Gina was the only one who warned me that while the chance was minimal, my daughter’s issue could have been a stroke. She cautioned me that she would be okay, but only if diagnosed properly. We went to one of the top neurologists at the University of Miami who confirmed that tests should be run for the same diagnosis. Fortunately my daughter is well today and all is good, but we are grateful every day for Gina!


In the middle of the pandemic, I had a life changing event: I suffered ventricular fibrillation followed by cardiac arrest. Among the sequels of that event was an anoxic brain injury and peripheral neuropathy, which left me with excruciating pain and the inability to fully move my left foot. I knew who I had to call: Gina!! She worked on my leg, and I felt as if there was an angel’s hand treating me! I left the treatment in tears, I was finally pain-free and was able to move my foot! I’m not surprised that she was able to accomplish those results, that’s who Gina is!!! So strong are the results of her treatment that I signed up for a 5K that will be held on January 14, 2023 — marking the second anniversary of my cardiac arrest. I know I’ll complete it, thanks in great part to the care Gina has provided me with. Thank you so much, Gina!!!!


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